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The Benefits Of Pilates…

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can really make a difference to your health without taking its toll on your body. If you want to be more flexible, stronger and well balanced Pilates is a great option.

Pilates improves posture.

Neck ache, back ache, head ache, even stomach ache you name it, most aches occur as a result of bad posture. In Pilates this is called alignment, as you correct your alignment or posture, you will find you put less pressure on sensitive joints such as knees and hips, for example. As a result you are also less likely to suffer a strain or injury.

Pilates and improving flexibility.

Pilates focuses on movements while stretching. This means the muscles are warm as you stretch, allowing you to stretch farther with less pain. The more flexible you are, the less muscle tension you will endure. You will also enjoy better blood circulation as the blood can flow more freely around a body that is not stiff or stuck in one position most of time.

More muscle power with Pilates.

The slow and deliberate movements of Pilates might not seem likely to produce strength in the same way as lifting weights might, for example, but in fact Pilates strengthens the whole body in a way that weight training does not. It strengthens your core muscles, not just your arms and legs, making you stronger overall.

Get a better looking body with Pilates.

With a straighter back, a tighter tummy and better overall muscle tone, you will look leaner and taller. Whats more, because Pilates does not focus on just one part of your body you will see changes all over.

Reduce stress with Pilates

Pain and bad posture can add to your stress levels and not only does Pilates help alleviate those problems, it also works to calm you. As Pilates focuses on breathing, you become mindful of your breath, of your body and muscles and it becomes like a form of meditation. You will enjoy better sleep once you start doing regular Pilates partly because it is calming but also because your body is not full of physical or psychological tension.

Lorraine – Retreat Pilates Teacher

“An ideal break, combining enough activities with just the right amount of pampering to ensure you leave fitter more knowledgeable & rejuvenated! Every staff member had an in-depth knowledge of their profession & were clearly passionate about their jobs…TRUE professionals!!“


“My third time at this fabulous retreat and it just gets better. You are looked after so well meaning you can focus on working out and enjoying the amazing food. The treatments are 5* and really help to relax and sort out any injuries. But best of all is the people you meet, I've made some great friends. Don't think twice about booking just do it, you won't regret it!“


“My second time at boot camp &; it has not only met but exceeded my expectations (again!). Many thanks to all, I feel lighter, refreshed, healthier, & motivated to keep up my exercise & to make some changes to my eating habits. Life coaching was very very good- I will work on her advice & look forward to seeing the changes mentally & physically. I am moving forward positively. To Julie & all of the team a big thank you I hope to be back!“


“I arrived as an extremely tired woman, I leave with a spring in my step! what a fabulous way to re-charge one’s batteries! I am ready to face the world.“


“Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience, I came back restored, rested and could think clearly again. I also lost a few centimetres & pounds which is always a bonus. I can't thank you all enough, for your care, support & warmth. Please tell chef I have tried all his recipes & my husband loves them too.“