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Luxury health fitness & wellness retreats in Spain

Spa Treatment & Holistic Wellness Services

Spa Treatment & Holistic Therapy Menu

We offer an extensive spa treatment & holistic therapy menu. Our spa & wellness menu will be available to pre-book 1 week prior to your chosen retreat & also after arrival subject to availability. Meet the team.

Sports Massage / Deep Tissue Massage

Manual Massage

1 hour / 1.5 hours

Focused, therapeutic, restorative, one of the most beneficial massages, it relieves sore & aching muscles, increases flexibility & addresses issues which may stem demanding physical activity & muscle strain.

Holistic Sports Massage

Manual Massage

1 hour / 1.5 hours

This massage can also be very beneficial pre & post workout & can also help clients with debilitating pain as this can be resolved via fascia manipulation – which is a manipulation of the tissue at a very slow pace around and on the affected area, this allows for the stretching of the tissue known as fascia, fascia sheaths the organs and muscles within your body. 

Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Manual Massage

90 minutes (women only)

Chavutti Thirumal is an ancient Ayurvedic massage therapy, it is an incredibly relaxing treatment in which the energy lines of the body are deeply massaged with long sweeping strokes leaving you feeling uplifted, energized and free of muscular tightness and pain. You will feel huge benefits after just one session and several treatments can offer a real physical and energetic transformation.

Thai Yoga Massage

1 hour 20 minutes minimum

Thai yoga massage, is a 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic body treatment & is a beautiful and powerful combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work and meditation, all rolled into one experience. Thai Yoga Massage aims to stimulate the flow of energies within the body, to achieve a state of harmony and balance for optimum health.

Aromatherapy Massage

Manual Massage

1 hour / 1.5 hours

The benefits of aromatherapy massage can uinfluence a wide range of health conditions of nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems. Aromatherapy massage is a pleasant massage method for mental clarity, relaxation, and stress and for the alleviation of headaches.

Massages with both manual & oscillation therapy.

The following therapies offer the added benefit of HIVAMAT 200 DEEP OSCILLATION THERAPY.

This revolutionary treatment utilizes a state of the art device; the benefits that it provides can be more extensive than a manual therapeutic massage. The frequencies penetrate up to a depth of 8cm, through all tissue layers: the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels and connective tissue, the therapy divides, compresses then pumps out the build up of excess inflammatory by-products to the lymphatic system to be removed naturally, which have accumulated at the problem area causing pain, the area is then free to take up the essential nutrients it requires to heal, cutting healing time by as much as 50%.

Prescriptive deep oscillation therapy & massage

1 hour

This treatment is designed to address any areas of concern such as muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders, sprains, strains, cellulite, tired muscles after exercise, puffy eyes, or purely for deep relaxation. You don’t have to decide straight away but once you have spoken with your therapist you can agree on the treatment and oils that will be most beneficial to you.

Deep peace – Aromatic blend of soothing lavender, rose geranium, sandalwood & marjoram promoting deep relaxation whilst enriching the skin with essential nutrients.

Indulgence – This exotic infusion of neroli, patchouli, ylang ylang & bergamot is a sensual indulgence for mind body & spirit. Helps to restore natural moisture balance & promote healthy glowing skin, whilst enveloping the body in an exotic aroma of precious essential oils.

Muscle ease – A warming blend of organic sandalwood, frankincense, geranium & black pepper especially soothing for sore muscles & aching joints.

Revitalize – Wake up your body & stimulate your skin with an invigorating infusion of lemongrass & mandarin. Helps tone & enhance the texture of your skin & smells delicious too!

Detox – Release those toxins, excess fluid & boost your immune system with the help of marjoram, frankincense & geranium.

Deep Abdominal massage

1 hour

A non-invasive massage to stimulate and help improve the function of the colon, & it’s ideal for: Anxiety related gastro intestinal problems helping to relieve the symptoms of IBS & nervous tummy. Helps relieve trapped matter (constipation) & Gas (bloating) Improves digestive health, improves breathing, which leads to better relaxation improves detoxification of the body

Deep Abdominal massage

1 hour

A non-invasive massage to stimulate and help improve the function of the colon, & it’s ideal for: Anxiety related gastro intestinal problems helping to relieve the symptoms of IBS & nervous tummy. Helps relieve trapped matter (constipation) & Gas (bloating) Improves digestive health, improves breathing, which leads to better relaxation improves detoxification of the body

Muscle Ease

1 hour

Great treatment to help aching muscles recover quicker and feel better after exercise. Deep oscillating therapy is applied first, followed by a deep manual massage with muscle ease oil.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1 hour
(including the Hivamat 200)

This is a very relaxing massage working at a gentle rhythm; it offers a range of health-benefits from a decrease in facial puffiness, a boost in immune function to a smoothing of cellulite and a soothing of muscle soreness. Lymphatic drainage is credited with preventing swelling and bruising, healing acne and wrinkles, relieving fatigue and sports injuries, and generally enhancing the immune system.

The Best Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

1 hour

We all enjoy a back massage so why not include the deep oscillation therapy which will induce deep relaxation as well as helping to soften and prepare tired tight muscles for you to then enjoy a manual massage to help eliminate toxins, relax or revitalize. Your feet will then be massaged to stimulate the reflexology points to continue rebalancing the body.

Aromatherapy Full Body Detox Scrub, Cream Wrap & Massage

1 hour 45 minutes

The 3 step treatment starts with an all over invigorating salt scrub to remove dead skin cells & prepare the skin for the next stage of the treatment, a natural wrap is then applied containing shea butter, sea kelp, hydrating sweet almond oil & the refreshing detox blend of essential oils, great for stimulating blood flow and expelling toxins from the body. After showering enjoy a relaxing massage with grapefruit, lime & fennel essential oils.

Aromatherapy Firming & Hydrating Scrub, Cream Wrap & Massage

1 hour 45 minutes

The treatment begins with a gentle almond & orange scrub, hand blended with only the best natural ingredients, your skin is left smooth & invigorated, this is followed by the cream application, containing sea kelp & natural collagen, blended with avocado oil & mango butter fragranced with mandarin your skin is left hydrated and soothed, firmness & elasticity are improved, blood circulation is increased. Finally enjoy a full body massage with a blend of oils tailored to your skins specific needs.

Warming Cinnamon Clove & Rosemary Body Scrub & Massage

1 hour 30 minutes

A wonderful, deep & stimulating treatment, ideal for aching tired muscles. The treatment begins with an apricot kernel, clove and hemp seed body exfoliation, infused with cinnamon and rosemary to stimulate the circulation and aid toxin elimination. This is followed with hot oil, full body massage using sweet almond oil, cinnamon, niaoli, clove and rosemary. All treatments are lovingly made by hand using only natural, organic, sustainable ingredients.

Hydrating & Calming Almond Rose & Orange Body Scrub & Massage

1 hour 30 minutes

Even the most sensitive or dry skin will benefit from this pampering treatment, starting with a gentle exfoliation using sweet almond oil, mandarin, sandalwood and ground almonds, dead skin cells are gently sloughed away, leaving the skin baby soft and ready for hydration…This is followed by a wonderful hour-long massage using sweet almond, macadamia nut and avocado oil, blended with sweet orange, rose and sandalwood. The treatment rehydrates and balances dry delicate skin & also aids the lymphatic system to more effectively expel toxins.

Detoxifying Grapefruit, Fennel & Lime Salt Scrub & Massage

1 hour 30 minutes

One of the best ways to kick off your detox, ideally followed by a second massage later in the week. This invigorating Himalayan pink salt scrub is infused with grapefruit, fennel and lime, then blended with sweet almond oil. It leaves skin glowing and clean, preparing the body for the second phase of the treatment. The same oils are blended with sweet almond oil and rosemary which are applied warm to the skin, this energetic massage aids water retention, speeds up the detoxification process, helps reduce cellulite, stimulates lymph and liver function and eases aching and tired muscles.

Treatment packages

Relaxation Package

1 hour 30 minutes

Includes: relaxing back massage, working on the areas with most tension, followed by an organic hydrating express facial and then a choice of eyebrow tint and wax or an express manicure.

Tranquility Package

2 hours

Includes: full body relaxing aromatherapy massage, deep cleansing organic facial and whilst the mask is setting a file and normal polish on hands and feet.

Detox Package

2 hours

Includes: a full body organic detox scrub, which replenishes and hydrates the skin, improving blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage, the skin is then ready for a full body cream detox wrap, whilst the wrap is working its magic a full head massage will be given, the wrap is then removed by hot mitts and followed by a relaxing massage.

All of our lovely rejuvenating & relaxing spa facial & body treatments use organic & sustainable ingredients.

Specialist Facials

Virtual Mesotherapy, Anti-ageing Facial

1 hour 15 minutes

This effective Anti-Age Facial with Virtual Mesotherapy is an aesthetic, non-surgical, and highly effective anti-ageing treatment introduces a high concentration of purified active ingredients into the intermediate layer of the skin, the mesoderm, you will see the first results immediately: an instant radiance and a long-lasting beauty effect, visible difference in skin tone and texture can be found with this treatment, which restores luminosity and smoothness to the face & neckline skin.

Gua Sha Facial

1 hour

The face is cleansed & relaxed using oils specific to your skin type & a mild exfoliation is preformed to cleanse the skin to prepare for the facial massage, this relaxes the facial muscles & increases blood circulation, then the Gua sha crystal is used to reduce tension encourage lymphatic drainage. This facial can help brighten the skin, soothe a headache & boost skin circulation… A beautiful & very relaxing treatment for the face & neck.

Organic Facials

The following facial treatments are carried out using high quality organic skincare products; they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Prescription Facial

1 hour

All of our prescription facials include: Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, face, neck & shoulder massage, mask (while enjoying a foot or hand & arm massage) eye gel & moisturize. Your therapist will advise which facial will be best suited for you after your skin analysis. It’s always difficult to know which facial to choose so we recommend speaking with the therapist who can advise which facial is best suited for your individual skin type. You can be assured they will be tailored to your specific needs.

The Ultimate Stress Buster

1 hour 15 minutes

Leave all the stresses & demands of the world behind by starting your relaxation experience by indulging in a specialist stress release back neck and shoulder massage using soothing oils of lavender, rose, geranium, sandalwood and marjoram, then enjoy your full facial prescription facial using oils specifically suited to your own skin type, mask and moisturize, plus a heavenly foot massage…pure BLISS!

Nails & Make Up

Spa Natural Manicure

Revive & refresh your hands, the treatment includes nail shaping, hand & arm massage, cuticle work.

Spa Natural Pedicure

Energize those tired feet, the treatment includes exfoliation, hard skin removal, foot & leg massage.

Personalized 1-2-1 Makeup Lesson

1 hour

Learn how to apply makeup professionally, learn what suits you, & choose natural for everyday or glamorous for the evening…includes at home notes.

Specialist / targeted anti-ageing treatments

All Botox & dermal filler treatments are offered with a free pre-consultation at the retreat followed by the treatment itself, which will be completed at the clinic in nearby Calpe. Private return transport is provided by the clinic.

Anti-sweat Treatment

When sweating gets in the way of certain daily activities & antiperspirants are not effective, you may be a suitable candidate for the botulinum treatment. The body areas that can commonly experience over active sweat glands are: The underarms, feet, palms & forehead. Botox is approved to treat the symptoms of underarm sweating when medicines used topically on the skin do not work sufficiently well. Botox is injected into the affected areas to help to control the condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands so that when sweat glands do not receive the chemical signal the sweating stops.

Botox – Forehead & Eyes

Anti-wrinkle injections are an effective & affordable way to rejuvenate the face & to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injections can smooth out frown lines between the eyebrows, laughter lines around the eyes, wrinkles around the jaw as well as creases on the forehead. The eyebrows & chin can be lifted & the jawline can be softened with the help of this popular treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment used to restore youth & volume to the face. As we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity & natural hydration, this combined with gravity can lead to lines, wrinkles & the sagging of the kin. Fillers can be an excellent treatment to restore volume & plumpness to lips, chin, cheeks jawline, under the eyes, & even the nose. IN some cases they may also be used to improve the appearance of scars. Dermal fillers are administered via tiny injections & the results are instantly visible with a minimum amount of discomfort & downtime.


45 minutes – 1 hour

A quick & painless deep exfoliating treatment that will remove dead skin cells & stimulate collagen production. Microdermabrasion can be used to treat many common skin concerns, such as dull tired skin, congested oily dry & uneven skin tone & texture. The treatment goes deeper than other modes of exfoliation to help the skin replenish itself by stimulating cell growth.

Oxygen Facial

45 minutes – 1 hour

An oxygen facial is a non-invasive beauty treatment that delivers a mixture of high pressure hyperbaric / pure oxygen plus vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals & anti-ageing serum into the layers of the skin. The results are immediate & effective delivering a plumped & lifted skin.


1 hour

Reflexology is considered a clinical therapy, which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas on the hands and feet, which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body, it is a non-invasive treatment that can help with a whole spectrum of health issues; Depression, anxiety, stress Digestive disorders Hormonal imbalances. Pain reduction (including post operative) Infertility Chronic and acute aches and pains, nervous disorders circulatory disorders chronic illnesses, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer etc. migraines, headaches, obesity and water retention.

Combined Holistic Experience

1.5 hours

A unique combination of Kinesiology, Reflexology & Reiki to enhance your health & wellbeing at all levels, by re-wiring & strengthening the body’s systems.


1 hour

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is an ancient Japanese art, which promotes healing and balancing of the energy level chakras, it cleans energy blockages, detoxifies the system and increases the body’s vibrational frequency.

Kinesiology: Muscle Testing & Energy Balancing

1.5 hours

Kinesiology can be beneficial to everyone and usually people feel the difference from the first session. Kinesiologist’s look at people as a whole, not just the parts that are not functioning as well as one would like. Kinesiologists look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause/s, when found and fully addressed, the imbalance is able to clear and we may then prevent the problem from returning.

Special Mind Body & Soul Package


Body, mind & soul package – 3 x treatment sessions (reiki, intuitive coaching & Thai yoga massage)

If you are feeling: stressed, unhappy or you have lost focus in your life, need to stretch or you feel stiff, have difficulty sleeping, have suffered a traumatic event, are feeling drained… then this is the ideal combination treatment package….

Specialist Holistic Prescription Therapy

1.5 hours

This is a prescriptive appointment, which will begin with a consultation followed by a treatment designed specifically for you, the treatment may combine, a specific massage type, acupuncture, cupping & auriculotherapy.

A holistic treatment focused on the physical and energetic body, each person in each moment of their life requires a different type of treatment to help with their current challenges, some treatments are oriented more towards physical issues and symptoms, while others are more oriented to the energetic, or underlying imbalances causing physical challenges.

General Health Appointment

1-1.5 hours

Regain your health by finding a natural solution to your wellness issues. During the one-on-one consultation the Doctor will take the full health history, looking at the person as whole & therefore working to uncover the true cause of the symptoms they might have, she will then create a personalized treatment plan which will include lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as supplements and herbs if she feels that they will assist in the recovery process. *Includes a follow-up appointment over Skype or phone to ensure long-term healing, not just symptom relief.  

General Acupuncture

1 hour

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art of putting sterile needles into specific acupuncture points. Acupuncture appointment is usually shorter in duration and focuses on treating an immediate concern, such as pain of any origin or assisting the body in the detoxification process, which is an integral part of the retreat’s program. The most common positive effects of acupuncture are: more energy, less stress, better sleep, mental clarity & pain relief. Acupuncture can be extremely beneficial for stress relief, insomnia, pain, digestion issues & many other health concerns. By choosing acupuncture you are making a big step towards a renewed sense of harmony and balance in your life.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

1.5 hours

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture is a natural way to reduce the signs of ageing and increase the inner vitality. Chinese medicine the appearance of the skin is connected to the general state of health, facial acupuncture involves the insertion of hair-thin acupuncture needles into a face, scalp and neck, as well as trunk, arm & legs. Facial acupuncture has both cosmetic and therapeutic effects since many of the acupuncture points are actually located on the face and head.


1.5 hours over 2 sessions

The aim of a session is to help people to become pain free by finding the root cause of the problem. A specialist therapy developed in Holland by a team working with Special forces & the Dutch Marine Corps, it is a groundbreaking treatment that can dramatically increase athletic performance, it is a complete treatment focusing on enhancement, rehabilitation & prevention, it was specifically designed to have an “immediate effect” unlike many of the standard options available.

Nutritional Coaching Session

45 minutes

The coach will work with you during the appointment to identify your nutritional strengths and stumbling blocks and to develop an individual quick start plan for you. This will give you a simple, do-able and practical take-home approach for continuing all the good work and achievements from your retreat. Optional continuing at home Nutrition Coaching program is also available.

One-to-One Life Coaching with NLP Session

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a system of alternative therapy that helps people to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour. NLP was created to organise our thoughts, explore and improve strategies so that we can start to work, understand, love and live in a more efficient way! If we become aware of our behaviour patterns and our unconscious programming, we are also in a position to modify them as we wish. NLP provides methods that show you “how to” transform yourself. What is unique and exciting about this project is that the tools, practices and techniques involved are very practical, easily learned and used by almost anyone in a very short space of time.

Holistic Coaching Session

1 hour

Relax through a session of Reiki that will tell your coach where the imbalances are in your body. Further to those blocks and information provided to her through the Reiki session, you then sit down and analyse it together and start your coaching session based on this information. Surprisingly, you will notice that what you are experiencing at the moment is contained in your Chakras (energy points of your body) and that by balancing your chakras, talking about what your body is telling you and taking action steps to get better, you can achieve anything that you have set your mind to.

Individual Havening Session

1 hour

Havening is a new and totally safe touch therapy that helps permanently cure trauma and resolve associated negative emotions. From phobias, break-ups, PTSD, negative emotions to creating powerful goals and the associated emotions, the Havening Techniques are powerful tools that can be used to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic or stressful memories.


The first step for changing is awareness of who you are and acknowledging that your past and the information you inherited from your ancestors have a deep effect in you. This is the perfect method created by Enric Corbera – Psychologist) to clarify where your behaviors, traumas, emotions and beliefs started and how to change them, so you can live a more conscious, fulfilled and happy life.

Private Personal Training Session

1 hour

A 1 hour private session for 1 person with a choice of coaches.

Private Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Sessions

1 hour

Available on request & subject to the availability of the coach, a 1 hour private session for 1 person.

Private Personal Trainer Sessions

This 1-2-1 session offers an overall assessment of your fitness on site & also an at home plan to ensure that you gain the very best from your time with your choice of trainer, ensure good posture, find which exercises to practice to improve core stabilisation strength & flexibility at your age & stage of life & lifestyle. The session looks to offer sound advice, the best form of fitness training addressing the needs of the individual person including those with low risk medical conditions & injuries. 

“An ideal break, combining enough activities with just the right amount of pampering to ensure you leave fitter more knowledgeable & rejuvenated! Every staff member had an in-depth knowledge of their profession & were clearly passionate about their jobs…TRUE professionals!!“


“My third time at this fabulous retreat and it just gets better. You are looked after so well meaning you can focus on working out and enjoying the amazing food. The treatments are 5* and really help to relax and sort out any injuries. But best of all is the people you meet, I've made some great friends. Don't think twice about booking just do it, you won't regret it!“


“My second time at boot camp &; it has not only met but exceeded my expectations (again!). Many thanks to all, I feel lighter, refreshed, healthier, & motivated to keep up my exercise & to make some changes to my eating habits. Life coaching was very very good- I will work on her advice & look forward to seeing the changes mentally & physically. I am moving forward positively. To Julie & all of the team a big thank you I hope to be back!“


“I arrived as an extremely tired woman, I leave with a spring in my step! what a fabulous way to re-charge one’s batteries! I am ready to face the world.“


“Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience, I came back restored, rested and could think clearly again. I also lost a few centimetres & pounds which is always a bonus. I can't thank you all enough, for your care, support & warmth. Please tell chef I have tried all his recipes & my husband loves them too.“