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Alleviate Fear & Anxiety

Coronavirus Tapping Script to boost your immunity!

We have all been & continue to be affected by the recent coronavirus news, and I believe that the worst thing it is spreading… is fear. 

No-one is immune and as we are all potentially at risk it seems the best thing we can do is to self-isolate until the situation improves.

In the meantime, there is a lot you can do to help yourself, to calm down your own fears, anxiety, panic and worry and let go by putting all of your energy into focusing on good health and boosting your immunity!

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful, practical body and mind self-help technique that decreases stress and negative emotions. Practising the following script and tapping on the relevant points will quickly help to alleviate any fears and anxieties around the coronavirus as when you tap on these powerful meridian points, it sends counter impulses to the brain. It also has a relaxing side effect!   🙂

Please use this tapping script whenever you feel fear or doubt take hold of you. Don’t let fear and chaos win this fight.

Rate the intensity of your negative feelings whether it is fear, self-doubt, worry or anxiety on a scale of 0 to 10 – where 0 is no discomfort and 10 is the worst possible discomfort!

Set Up – Tapping on the Karate point on the side of the hand: (3x)

Even though I have this fear of the coronavirus, I choose to hold the highest and BEST vision for myself and for ALL of HUMANITY

Even though I’m afraid of how I will be affected by the coronavirus 

I am choosing to hold the highest and BEST vision for myself and for ALL of HUMANITY

Even though I’m afraid of how the world will be affected by the coronavirus 

I am choosing to hold the highest and BEST vision for myself and for ALL of HUMANITY


Eyebrow Point: I declare for myself and all of humanity 

Side of EyeThat I AM and WE are in charge of our bodies, our health, and our minds. 

Under EyeI choose to shrug off the cloak of fear

Under NoseAnd I hold the intention that each person will show up for themselves and others 

Under Chinto declare that they are sovereign over their body, their life and their mindset. 

CollarboneWe will choose to live life fully and not shrink back in hype, fear, and negativity

Under ArmI receive, and I believe, and I am so grateful that:

Top of HeadWe will ban together and collectively choose to boost our immunity by being positive and surrounding ourselves with others who are positive. 

Eyebrow Point: We choose only to follow the sage health advice from those providing clarity and not chaos.

Side of EyeI choose to educate myself about the truth, and will only spread the truth. 

Under EyeI hold this intention for myself and all of humanity that this will be our DOMINANT and DEFAULT position.  

Under NoseI delete and repel anything that attempts to derail my own good health… 

Collarbone… and the good health of humanity 

Under ArmSo that we may live our lives fully every day.

Top of HeadI am safe, I am secure and I am grounded and protected in this very moment …

Take a deep breath and close your eyes and tune into how you feel. If this has not fully dissipated then continue with another round, please feel free to adapt and change the words accordingly to what you are feeling .. Every time you tap it separates the emotion from the thoughts and lessens the amount of emotion being triggered by your overthinking!

So – let us send the ANTI-VIRUS of POSITIVITY, VIRAL to allow it to overcome and render the Coronavirus powerless over us!


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“My third time at this fabulous retreat and it just gets better. You are looked after so well meaning you can focus on working out and enjoying the amazing food. The treatments are 5* and really help to relax and sort out any injuries. But best of all is the people you meet, I've made some great friends. Don't think twice about booking just do it, you won't regret it!“


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“I arrived as an extremely tired woman, I leave with a spring in my step! what a fabulous way to re-charge one’s batteries! I am ready to face the world.“


“Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience, I came back restored, rested and could think clearly again. I also lost a few centimetres & pounds which is always a bonus. I can't thank you all enough, for your care, support & warmth. Please tell chef I have tried all his recipes & my husband loves them too.“


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