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Boredom Buster 3

Part 3 of our boredom buster is from Michelle The Ultimate Retreats reflexologist & kinesiologist:

How are you staving off the boredom?

I read, study, watch some movies, listen to uplifting music such as “Oliver Shanti” and I am in process of creating a new project. 

Your top book/s

I love Eckhart Tolle’s book: A New Earth – I feel its very relevant in helping us to go through times of uncertainty and chaos such as what is happening right now.

Your top health boosting tips:

My favourite immune boosters are grapefruit seed extract – a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Garlic is a revered helper for our immunity, however this is always best in its raw form because by eating it in cooked form it has lost a lot of its healing constituents. To be honest, watching uplifting, inspiring or funny movies and programmes help with a positive perspective and to elevate your mood. The strength of your immune system is determined on how your perspective in life is. The happier you are as a person, the stronger your defences will be. There is a study on this called psychoneuroimmunology. 

The definition on this by is: “Psychoimmunology: The study of the connections between the mind and the immune system. The basic concept of psychoimmunology is the concept that the mind and body are inseparable. It follows that stress affects the body’s ability to resist disease.”

Your best at home exercise tips:

I find that what works for me is a bit of squatting, about 60 squats. Yoga is great if I feel a bit tight or tense. Sometimes, I will just do some abdominal work by putting my legs up in a 90 degree position on the bed and do some crunches. Jumping Jacks is fun to do on the spot, as well as some high knee exercise for some cardio.

Your favourite APP/s & where to find them ( links )

Well, I don’t really use Apps! The only one I frequently use is PictureThis. It is a plant identifier because it is useful for my studies in medical herbalism.

Best way/s to entertain the kids

I don’t have kids. However, I think that this is an important time to do family group activities: gardening, board games, reading together, puzzles, teaching, drawing, painting, and playing music. The list could go on.

Best stress reliever:

I’m a big herbal tea lover. I find that a nice mug of herbal tea is very comforting and soothing for my soul. It’s even more pleasurable when I have my fluffy cat on my lap.



“An ideal break, combining enough activities with just the right amount of pampering to ensure you leave fitter more knowledgeable & rejuvenated! Every staff member had an in-depth knowledge of their profession & were clearly passionate about their jobs…TRUE professionals!!“


“My third time at this fabulous retreat and it just gets better. You are looked after so well meaning you can focus on working out and enjoying the amazing food. The treatments are 5* and really help to relax and sort out any injuries. But best of all is the people you meet, I've made some great friends. Don't think twice about booking just do it, you won't regret it!“


“My second time at boot camp &; it has not only met but exceeded my expectations (again!). Many thanks to all, I feel lighter, refreshed, healthier, & motivated to keep up my exercise & to make some changes to my eating habits. Life coaching was very very good- I will work on her advice & look forward to seeing the changes mentally & physically. I am moving forward positively. To Julie & all of the team a big thank you I hope to be back!“


“I arrived as an extremely tired woman, I leave with a spring in my step! what a fabulous way to re-charge one’s batteries! I am ready to face the world.“


“Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience, I came back restored, rested and could think clearly again. I also lost a few centimetres & pounds which is always a bonus. I can't thank you all enough, for your care, support & warmth. Please tell chef I have tried all his recipes & my husband loves them too.“

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