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Join us on the Ultimate Retreat BLOG where we will share with you the latest super delicious recipes from our retreat kitchen, offer tips, advice & information on fitness & nutrition, the low down on new health & wellbeing products we have been testing, the results of new holistic therapies & treatments that we have tried, & of course here you will see all of our special offers as we launch them!

New years resolutions with real health benefits – NO sacrifice required! 19/02/2016


Number 2 – Replace your normal breakfast with a super smoothie!

Smoothies are such an easy & delicious way to get a powerful & easily digestible hit of vital nutrients, especially if like me you are always on the go! When I’m up early & need to be out quickly I rely on smoothies to pick me up & keep me going, mixing organic fruits, vegetables & of course some special added health boosters …plus they have to be the ideal portable breakfast…

So you will need:

Veggies – you choose… but always ensure there is some dark green & leafy ones in there!

Fruits – totally down to personal taste here as the fruit will also be your natural sweetener

Liquid – nut milk, coconut water or mineral water

Health boosters – spices, spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, aloe vera

To keep you full until lunch, a scoop of natural protein powder such as pea or organic seed

Smoothies really are a wonderful way to get all your nutrients in just one tasty hit.

Have some fun, create your own recipes & be super healthy!

The Detoxifier

Lettuce (romaine

Yellow pepper

Kale or fresh spinach

Green apple

Sweet Red apple



Ginger root (peeled)

Lemon juice & a little grated peel too


Protein powder ( pea or organic seed )


Wash, chop, de-seed & then pop the lot in a blender & whizz!

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