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Join us on the Ultimate Retreat BLOG where we will share with you the latest super delicious recipes from our retreat kitchen, offer tips, advice & information on fitness & nutrition, the low down on new health & wellbeing products we have been testing, the results of new holistic therapies & treatments that we have tried, & of course here you will see all of our special offers as we launch them!

New years resolutions with real health benefits – NO sacrifice required! 19/02/2016

Number 3:

Replace these 3 bad boys with our healthier alternatives…

  • Swap coffee for organic green tea ….. whilst green tea does contain some caffeine, the health benefits far outstrip this, it is one of the least processed teas and is rich in antioxidants and beneficial micronutrients.
  • Swap refined white sugar for raw honey ….. there is no goodness at all in white sugar .. switch to raw honey and get a powerful boost of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and no spike in blood sugars.
  • Change your usual alcoholic drink for a club soda with lime and honey – the lime gives a kick and the honey is processed in a similar way in the system and gives a feel good factor …& why not enjoy a little bit of dark chocolate for a natural seratonin high!

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