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Hydration hydration hydration! 01/08/2016

Hydration hydration hydration –its essential to life!

We all know that there are significant health & wellbeing benefits of drinking at least 2 liters of water each day, but how many of us are actually drinking this amount?

Water lets face it… is a little uninspiring on the taste front, especially if you are drinking 2 liters plus each day… every day... So in an effort to make you a little more enthusiastic about your daily consumption we will be providing you with a few ideas on how to make this life essential a little more appealing!

We have been encouraging our guests to add fresh ginger & lemon to their water here at the retreat for more years than I can remember & you will find all kinds of fruit & herbs added to the water in our restaurant…so… we decided to see what juicy ideas we could come up with during this rather warmer than usual weather to encourage you to “drink up & enjoy” the taste & health benefits of adding some fresh fruit & herb combinations to your everyday water!

Watermelon, lime & basil…

Super fresh tasting & nutritious, watermelon contains a good amount of vitamin C, plus vitamin A, B6, Potassium, & other health boosting natural chemicals but the antioxidant lycopene is the super star in watermelon ( but make sure yours is super red & ripe to get the most benefit! )

To make this hydrating drink you will need:


1 x ripe watermelon

A handful of fresh basil leaves

1 fresh lime



Cut the flesh of your watermelon into small chunks & pop into a large jug along with strips of the rind & juice of 1 fresh lime plus the basil leaves mix… set aside in the fridge to infuse! 

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