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Join us on the Ultimate Retreat BLOG where we will share with you the latest super delicious recipes from our retreat kitchen, offer tips, advice & information on fitness & nutrition, the low down on new health & wellbeing products we have been testing, the results of new holistic therapies & treatments that we have tried, & of course here you will see all of our special offers as we launch them!

A super detox recipe for January! 09/01/2017

This months super juice recipe:

A metabolism boosting super juice to aid detoxification & weight loss…


•  1 lemon juice & rind (if not waxed )

•  1 cucumber ( entire cucumber, no need to peel )

•  1 heaped tablespoon of fresh grated ginger root

•  1 - 2 tablespoons of aloe-vera juice

•  A good handful of either fresh cilantro or parsley

•  ½ glass of still mineral water

Why we use these ingredients?

Cucumbers are hydrating, full of cilica for healthy skin hair & nails & they great at working on those tricky fat reserves. You just cannot keep them out of any weight loss drink. Parsley & cilantro are low in calories,  loaded with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, they are super-effective at easing water retention, soothing a bloated tummy, plus they are great blood cleansers. Ginger is THE super-spice that fires up your metabolism & supports a healthy digestive system. Lemon juice is an effective toxin buster that flushes out excess impurities from your system, thanks to its cleansing & mild diuretic qualities. Aloe Vera juice is just rammed full of antioxidants that delay the development of free radicals that cause inflammation & also bloating.


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