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We want each retreat to be a positive experience, one that is not simply about losing a few pounds, but an enriching personal journey that will teach you healthy lifestyle philosophies, lower your stress levels whilst restoring your energy, vitality, positive self-image & self belief.

Your time with us will be based around carefully designed fitness & nutritional programs, with stunning hikes, yoga, Pilates & core strengthening exercise, super fresh & delicious healthy food plus restful & restorative sleep. Our programs have been designed to stimulate your mind & body, to boost your metabolism & naturally cleanse & gently detoxify your body & to encourage the feeling of overall wellbeing. We also build in plenty of time for rest & relaxation, with lots of glorious down time to eat, sunbathe, explore, relax, read, walk & simply enjoy.... always offering the perfect balance!

"At the end of your stay, you will truly be able to see & feel the difference that our retreats can make, you will look & feel fabulous from the inside out!"

The world health organization has declared the regions climate to be one of the healthiest anywhere in the world

Our Location

Our beautiful award winning venue & spa is located on a pretty part of the white coast (Costa Blanca) of mainland Spain, surrounded by imposing mountains & facing the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

The coastline has remained quiet & offers stunning scenery & breath-taking walks & hikes. The environment along the coastline has areas of true natural beauty which have been conserved & are now protected. A large number of old monasteries, watch towers, windmills & small castles are dotted along this coastline, a legacy left by of over 400 years of war between the Moors & the Christians a part of history which is still celebrated each year in every pueblo during fiestas.

Along this coast the clear blue of the Mediterranean gives way to a lush green backdrop of farmland, with many terraced vineyards which produce local wines & the famous sweet Moscatel of the region, & hillsides dotted with indigenous almond, nispero, lemon & orange groves & where fig, pomegranate & carob trees grow at the roadside and beyond that farmland sits the imposing mountain ranges where pine trees, wild rosemary & thyme perfume the air...

Guest Accomodation

Our award winning venue & spa is a select private gated complex of individual superbly appointed luxury guest suites set around a stunning lagoon pool, the complex is located in a quiet residential area just a short 10 minute stroll from the beach...

Our superb guest accommodation is offered in individual 1 & 2 bedroom spacious suites, whose calming color schemes & beautiful décor offer a tranquil haven where you may relax & also enjoy a restful & restorative night's sleep.

Each guest will enjoy sole use of their own private suite, there are no single supplements & we never ask our guests to share their accommodation, unless of course they would like to share with a partner or friend...

The retreat venue offers security, privacy & luxury, the perfect place to take time out to truly look after your health & wellbeing..

Each luxury individual guest suite offers:

  • 1 or 2 double bedrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dining area
  • Large comfortable lounge with flat screen tv & satellite
  • Individually controlled heating & cooling
  • Full private bathroom with washer / dryer & hairdryer
  • Free Wi-Fi although we do hope that you will try a little digital detox & disconnect from the outside world whilst you are with us
  • Each suite also benefits from a private terrace or balcony.

Retreat Facilities

  • Private guest chill out lounge ideal for relaxing or chatting with new friends whilst enjoying a cup of herbal tea or mineral water, the lounge is well stocked with magazines, books & DVDs
  • Large pretty outside terraces ideal for early morning yoga, sunbathing or just relaxing...
  • Private gym
  • Wellness Spa with: indoor heated wave pool, jacuzzi, sauna & therapy rooms.
  • Large exterior lagoon pool
  • 10 minute walk to the beach
  • Private restaurant for retreat guests only
  • Conference room
  • Dedicated Yoga & Pilates room with underfloor heating & climate control for those cooler months

Your Ultimate Retreat Team:

Here at The Ultimate Retreat Company our goal is to ensure that each & every guests needs are cared for before, during & post retreat, so that you don't need to stress over a single thing, you just need to concentrate on taking this precious time out to improve your overall health & wellbeing, enjoy a little exercise, relax at the beach, savor the delicious healthy food, be pampered at the spa, to simply...enjoy ...

Prior to your retreat the Ultimate Retreat reservations team will look after your booking, ensuring that all of the logistics & travel arrangements run as smoothly as possible... so that you know exactly what to pack, where to join your airport transfer & at what time, what to expect once at the retreat plus lots of pre-retreat information designed to enable you to thoroughly prepare for your stay...

During your retreat you will be cared for & supported by a dedicated retreat manager & her health & wellbeing team of experienced & very well qualified expert yoga teachers, pilates coaches, personal trainers, meditation guide, counselor, life coach, nutritionist, plus our amazing private chef, transfer team & the retreat venue support staff.... & of course our fabulous spa team, which comprises of 6 hand-picked world class beauty, massage & holistic therapists all of whose job it is to transform you mind body & soul ...

We think our team is exceptional & we know that you will too...each & every team member is passionate, skilled, very highly-qualified & incredibly talented ... we all share the intention, commitment & common goal to provide the most supportive & transformative retreat experience to each & every guest.

Now, let us introduce you to the dedicated team whose job it is to make your health retreat a truly fabulous experience...we promise individual attention, professional grounded advice & support to help you to achieve & maintain your personal health, fitness & wellness goals, plus lots of fun & laughter too...

Head PT

My approach is always about balance, variety & challenging your body. I am a great believer in interval & resistance training, core strength & correct posture- all of these aspects will be taught & practiced in your group or private personal training sessions at the retreat. I want to ensure that you will go home with a clear easy plan of how to improve your health & fitness, working out at home, outside, at the gym, or incorporating your favorite sport...I look forward to working with you & helping you on your path to a healthier happier future...


I have been in the catering industry for over 25 years I have even had the honor of cooking for the Queen!...You gain knowledge from every kitchen that you work in & every chef that you work with... as a chef you are always learning!, that's one of the things I love about my job...I'm a father to two rapidly growing boys & so I know how important it is to fuel bodies with healthy nutritious food & to teach them how to make good healthy food choices. In Spain we have such great fresh flavoursome produce to cook with...& I can't wait for you to enjoy some of my delicious & nutritious healthy dishes when you join us at the retreat...

Counselor & psychotherapist

Our charismatic & empathetic coach has a degree in Physical Education and Sports and is qualified in traditional Chinese therapy and Naturopathy. He is a graduate personal life coach, having completed the Certified Professional Coach Program (CPCP) of the International Coaching Academy (ICA) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) He is currently in the process of finishing his post-graduation in biodecoding, a therapeutic method that clarifies how emotions, beliefs, conflicts and the environment affect the biology/DNA and how to uninstall those subconscious programs.

Health & Wellness Coach

Our health & wellness coach has a degree in Physical Education and Sports and is qualified in traditional Chinese therapy and Naturopathy. He is a graduate personal life coach, having completed the Certified Professional Coach Programme (CPCP) of the International Coach Academy (ICA) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is currently finishing his post-graduation in biodecoding - a course called Bioneuroemocio®, a therapeutic method that clarifies how emotions, beliefs, conflicts and the environment affects the biology/DNA and how to uninstall those subconscious programmes.

Naturopath - Doctor

Our lovely Naturopathic Doctor has been practicing Naturopathy since 2008 and currently runs a busy family practice. She graduated from York University in Toronto, with a subsequent 4-year post graduate degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada where she obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She is a certified hyperbaric technician and serves on the Board of the Spanish Society of Hyperbaric Medicine as a member of the Scientific Committee, she is an active member of FENACO – The Spanish Association of Naturopaths.

Scope of practice includes: Women's Health, Weight Loss, Detoxification, Wellness, Nutrition & Supplements, Acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Homeopathy, Lifestyle Counselling, Herbology & Essential Oils


I have studied & trained in many different parts on the world gaining a very high level of experience & qualifications. Pilates offers the body so many amazing benefits that I look forward to sharing with you in my classes along with a good amount of laughter too... After the class has ended I will also share how to integrate a little Pilates into every day life...

I can wholeheartedly say that effective & responsible exercise is the foundation to a better lifestyle no matter where you live & no matter what your age, level of fitness, or the ability you have.

I look forward to meeting you in the Pilates classes at the retreat!


I love to teach pilates but I am also qualified in zumba & as a personal trainer, basically I just love exercise & fitness! & I love working with our guests at the retreat, it is fantastic to see what a great difference just one week at the retreat can make to our guests overall health & wellbeing & I am proud to be a part of that transformation...


My passion for exercise, health and wellness led me to train to be a Pilates teacher as well as a Ballet teacher.

For as long as I can remember my whole life has been about ballet which inspired me to undergo the 4 year’s study required to attain a teacher’s degree. Through this training I was introduced to the Pilates Method and I quickly realised it was in line with the philosophy of ballet. It was the importance of strengthening our core and the holistic aspect of the exercise giving rise to overall wellbeing that inspired me to qualify as a Pilates instructor with the University of Alicante.

Pilates has transformed my life personally and my intention is that my students also learn to connect with their own bodies. This enables them to be consciously aware of their posture which protects their back and spine alignment while exercising. The extra added bonus of taking this awareness into their day to day lifestyle is a big part of the work I do too.


I have been involved in the fitness industry for most of my life... an industry which I absolutely love!

I have worked with many interesting people, from Olympic athletes to movie stars, all of whom had quite specific health & wellness goals & objectives which they have achieved with their own hard work & help support & guidance from me... I bring my knowledge, hard work ethic & enthusiasm to each & every class & activity that you will enjoy with me at the retreat & I look forward to working with you...


Yoga has transformed my life & assisted me to stay young & fresh in both body & mind. Over the years I have studied Bikram yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Kundalini. For my teacher training I chose to study with Shivananda Yoga Vedanta as their course is highly valued. I had the privilege of successfully completing my training in the Himalayan Mountains of India, where the roots of yoga were born. As well as yoga I teach meditation & mindfulness classes...all these practices have brought me peace in my heart & joy in my soul & I wish the same for you...


I teach different types of yoga depending on the requirements of my students, from yoga therapy for those with low fitness levels, health issues or injuries to ashtanga & vinyasa flow for those with a reasonable level of fitness. Yoga is just one word for a practice that embraces many types & styles, there are many approaches to it & each individual person may choose what is most suitable for them personally, their health & fitness level & well-being goals...

Nurse & acupuncturist

I have worked for over 20 years as a nurse in both the Netherlands & here in Spain, my true passion lies with Chinese medicine & the complimentary health & wellness benefits that this can offer, I am a qualified acupuncturist with both traditional needles & also laser acupuncture, I offer a blend of Chinese medicine & treatments with acupuncture, cupping, herbal remedies & dietary & lifestyle advice...I look forward to meeting & treating you at the retreat...


I have studied nutrition extensively for many years & I am also a qualified fitness instructor which allows me to asses our guests nutritional & physical balance & therefore what is ideal for that individual person going forward on the path to ultimate health & wellness. Over the years I have shared my knowledge, passion & experience with the hundreds of guests who have attended the retreat, guests from all walks of life throughout North America & Europe, helping them to improve their lifestyle & nutritional balance. "I love working to create a better understanding about the huge power that nutrition has in developing & maintaining a healthy mind, body & spirit - especially when combined with activity & exercise"...

Retreat Director

My old job in the UK was as the Sales Director of a PLC. This was a highly stressful job which meant that for me exercising & eating healthily came right at the bottom of my list of priorities. A Personal Epiphany came in 2003 when I decided I needed a different way of life... Today it is my pleasure to make your stay at our retreat the best it can be. Whatever you need, I am here for you.

Yoga Instructor

Dedicated yogi, enthusiastic warm & empathetic coach. She is a qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor, by the SVYASA University of Yoga in Bangalore. Because of her love of life and her great ability at bringing out the best in others, she decided to dedicate herself to her special gift and passion for inspiring and motivating others. She is intense and highly evolved in the domain of coaching, self-development and Neuro Linguistic Programming, has great people skills and this makes her the perfect person to coach you and guide you in your life and business.

In 2014 she completed a Holistic Healing Course in South Africa and became a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer as well as a Certified Laughter Coach.

She has always had a desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives via personal-development & is qualified & well versed in The Silva Method, The Sedona Method, The Art of Meditation, NLP, Hypnosis, Law of attraction, Havening and much more. She firmly believes that there are no problems, only solutions, and that’s what Coaching is all about, finding solutions, because we all have the resources to achieve anything we set our mind to!

Spa Teams

Our world class spa & holistic wellness team includes 6 very experienced specialist beauty, massage & holistic therapists... together they offer a fabulous choice of organic anti-aging face & body treatments, specialist complimentary therapies such as reflexology, reiki, acupuncture & herbalism plus some quite exceptional massages...all of which are designed to ensure that you will leave the retreat looking & feeling just incredible!


The aim of a session of mylogenics is to help people get pain free by finding what the root cause of the problem is, by using muscle testing we are looking for the weak link that causes your pain. When we have found the weak link we will use instant muscle enhancement techniques to reduce & remove your pain. You might have noticed the word instant, and yes that means you will notice an improvement straight away…because we immediately reduce muscle tension and improve both movement and function of muscles, joints, tendon plates, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

A mylogenics practitioner is required to annually update his skills in order to maintain his accreditation.


I specialize in complex physical injuries & syndromes. I have previously treated international sports professionals & I am experienced in the orthopedic & neurological fields. I specialize in treating clients with long standing health issues with profound & sustainable results by understanding & approaching the body as a system & a living human being, treating clients in a holistic & complementary way. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in physiotherapy, a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy Sciences & am educated in Osteopathic Manipulations, International Association of Osteopathy.